Our products:

* Every single account on sale is hourly monitored.

* Refund/Another account in case the balance is lower than the one you paid for.

* Dummy guide for safe cashout + socks5

* New accounts every couple of days.

Balance verified every hour:

Please provide valid email.

How do I order?

Select the account you want to purchase, type your email adress, click buy and follow the instructions on the next page.

How long untill I receive the account information?

The email with your purchased account will arrive in a matter of minutes after the payment is confirmed.

How can I safely cashout my account?

Along wiht the account information you will receive a step by step guide and a socks5 proxy from the exact location of the real account holder.

For a good bussiness relation in the future, you shouldn't reveal this cashing out method.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept only BTC. If you aren't able to obtain BTC, contact us by email and we will find a proper solution for your matter.


We are the most trusted PayPal vendors on the DarkNet.

Contact us by email for manual and/or custom orders : bingobongo@sigaint.org